Simply Quilts #623

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Shelley Swanland and Alex Anderson on the set

In January of 2000 just after the publication of my first book, "Machine Stitched Cathedral Windows" I was invited to be a guest on Simply Quilts. It was a real joy to meet Alex and film the show. 

Simply Quilts Project


Cutting Requirements for Simply Quilts Project

Foundation: 36 Squares, 3 1/2 each.

Window Frames: 12 Squares, 6 1/2 each and 12 Rectangles, 6 1/2x 3 1/2 each.

Window Panes: 12 Squares, 3 each and 12 Triangles, diagonally cut from 3 1/2 squares.


Here's another picture of me on the set. I'll post the date when the episode airs if I know. Otherwise check the HGTV web site for Simply Quilts Episode #623.

Shelley Swanland

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